Kinesiology – Getting To The Root Of Your Health Issue Naturally With Caroline Metz

Caroline Metz will give an introduction and demonstration of how kinesiology can identify what your body needs to heal.

Kinesiology is a simple, non-invasive therapy, suitable for all ages. It uses muscle testing to detect imbalances in the body and corrects those imbalances using nutritional supplements, flower remedies, emotional stress release techniques, stimulation of lymphatic points and energy work.

Caroline has been working at Neal’s Yard Remedies as a practitioner for over 7 years.  She sees clients with issues ranging from headaches, low energy and anxiety to digestive problems, eczema and asthma, and much more!

Caroline has always been an advocate of natural health and discovered kinesiology when it helped her son over 12 years ago. After being made redundant from her job shortly afterwards, she was inspired to train as a kinesiologist.  She is also a qualified reiki practitioner and teacher.

She has a passion for natural health and the ability of the body to heal itself, given the right tools and support, and is especially interested in how our emotions affect our physical health.  She is dedicated to prevention as well as alleviating conditions.  Her aim is to guide and support you to optimum health in a holistic way that works for you as an individual.  Her approach is non-judgemental, calm and compassionate.

£15 Ticket includes a goody bag and 20% off any Neal’s Yard Remedies shopping on the night.
Also redeemable against treatments with Caroline Metz booked within a month of the event

To book, please call 01225 466 944

Or for more information, contact Caroline directly 07515 739681

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