Nada Ear Acupuncture Session For Stress And Anxiety – Group Session With Fleur Clackson

8 February @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Location: Bath Natural Remedies (was Neal’s Yard), 11 Northumberland Place, Bath, BA1 5AR

NADA Ear Acupuncture involves the insertion of five fine, single-use, sterilised, disposable needles into specific points in the outer ear. The outer ear acts like a switchboard sending impulses to the brain, which stimulate the release of endorphins, lowering stress and promoting relaxation.

The five ear points used in the NADA protocol are:
(1) Sympathetic – calms the nervous system and helps with overall relaxation.
(2) Shen Men / “Spirit Gate” – reduces anxiety and nervousness.
(3) Kidney Point – for calming fears and healing internal organs.
(4) Liver Point – for detoxification, blood purification, and to quell aggression.
(5) Lung Point – promotes aeration and helps clients let go of grief.

The NADA-system is a very safe and effective intervention and is suited to group settings. The practitioner will talk you through the session, so there is no need to worry. In short, whilst you are sitting comfortably, the practitioner will insert the fine needles. Once they are in, there will be some guided relaxation to the group. You are welcome to follow this or just enjoy sitting quietly. The needles are retained for up to 30 minutes during which time you may experience a meditative state or feel calm and relaxed.

Group Acupuncture is simple and effective. There is no medical intake necessary, no need to talk of past experiences. Individuals can simply come in and experience the benefits of acupuncture.

Fleur Clackson Lic Ac MBAcC is a full member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and abides by a code of ethics, which maintains high standards of education, discipline, and practice. As well as private practice, Fleur runs weekly acupuncture clinics within the NHS.

£15 Ticket includes a goody bag and 20% off any Neal’s Yard Remedies shopping on the night.
Also redeemable against treatments with Fleur Clackson booked within a month of the event.

To book, please call Neal’s Yard on 01225 466 944

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