Biofield Tuning

BIOFIELD TUNING is a vibrational sound therapy.  Energy flow is essential for life. Energy flows through channels within our body and circulates in a field around our body, called the BIOFIELD. Energy allows us to move, think, feel emotions, access memories and engage with life.

Balanced energy flow enables us to respond to everyday situations in a harmonious way. Our BIOFIELD holds the record of our lives: all our memories, beliefs and emotional responses are stored here. Significant life events can move our lives out of balance. Difficult or challenging situations leave a chaotic energy blockage in the BIOFIELD. This may be experienced as strong emotions, uncomfortable memories, physical issues, or a sense of being stuck. These issues can feel difficult to resolve.

A BIOFIELD TUNING practitioner uses the pure tone of a tuning fork to locate chaotic energy blocks in someone’s BIOFIELD. The coherent tone of the tuning fork brings order and balance to the energy holding the difficult event, and restores energy flow. As the energy around the event harmonises, it allows the person to move towards resolution of past events, to change old beliefs and perceptions and regain balance and control of their life. BIOFIELD TUNING assists people to make changes they otherwise could not make on their own. It can help with physical, mental or emotional symptoms, freeing us from the past so we can step into a new future.



Justine Foster

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