Clinical Aromatherapy

Is a higher level of training in Aromatherapy and essential oils to a level that can be used in hospitals, hospices or social care.
Most people initially think of aromatherapy as a massage to de-stress, which yes it can, but it can also be so much more. There are essential oils to help with many medical symptoms and conditions.
Clinical aromatherapists will have taken advanced training and belong to IFPA or IFA.
Maybe you would like to have a bespoke blend made for you to address your specific ailment ie a sore knee, a skin complaint such as eczema or a home preparation for treating scabies or ringworm. Essential oils are powerful but also gentle and natural ways to treat ailments.
Pregnancy aromatherapy can be used to treat digestive disorders, cystitis, backache or water retention to name just a few. It is very important to have had clinical aromatherapy training for pregnancy as some essences are contraindicated.




Caroline Josling

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