Ayurveda is a holistic healing system that originated from the Indian sub–continent over 5000 years ago. This system of healing restores balance to the body and mind, while also healing and preventing disease through food, herb, cleansing and lifestyle advice. Ayurveda recognises we each have a specific mind-body type and explains how to live in balance with this – the foundation for good health – and how to return to balance if needed.

With chronic diseases at an all time high, Ayurveda offers a natural, gentle and effective approach to creating a personal healthcare plan. This gentle yet profound healing approach recognises a healthy digestion that includes a diverse microbiome, along with living in balance with your mind-body type, is the basis for strong immunity, health and happiness.

Conditions Ayurveda may help with include Chronic Diseases, Digestive Complaints, Chronic Inflammation, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Fatigue, Insomnia, Anger/irritability, Psoriasis, Burnout, Menopause, Weight Loss/Gain, Water Retention, Lethargy, Respiratory Conditions, Excess Mucus, Lymphatic Congestion.

For stress and digestive issues Ayurveda combined with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a powerful combination.


Lucy Fleetwood 

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