Structural integration or Rolfing is a deep tissue fascial release therapy, that
helps to improve posture and bio-mechanical efficiency. Through static and
dynamic assessments – alignment & movement in gait, at the hips, back and
neck are assessed. One then commits to a series of sessions which
systematically address different parts of the body, releasing fascial strain
patterns, freeing muscles to work in their own plane and in a balanced fashion
across joints, improving joint congruence, and generally balancing out the guy
ropes of the body.

Expect improvements in posture, ease of movement, balance, resolution of old
injuries and neuropathies that are limiting movement or causing pain. Great for
anyone over 40 as a midlife MOT, where injuries, a life time of working, child
birth or sports have negatively influenced your posture.

Sessions can be booked individually – for specific areas of pain or muscular
dysfunction, or as a 3 series for a mini body balance, or as a 10 series –
recommended for those where injury, age, vocation has pulled you out of
postural alignment, and you want to treat yourself to a midlife MOT.


Madeleine Zagni

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